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International Medical

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Thank you for all our clients and partnerships who have made our success in 2016 exceed our expectations. Our group had a record year of 2 million dollars in premiums.

At ROMA Financial Partners we are proud to offer our clients and their families 35 years of experience and knowledge as professional Insurance Representatives. Our life experiences as a couple, parents and members of the community, we have lived through, challenges and joys which life offers, and which add to our ability to understand our clients and offer them the best possible options.

We represent the best companies for Health and Life Insurance, as well as companies and products for your retirement and for the protection of your legacy.

Health insurance helps to make sure that you and your family take care of your health by covering doctor's visits, wellness care, hospitalization, etc. and also helps to insure that your hard earned patrimony is protected in case of big and unexpected healthcare expenses. We will help you to navigate the new domestic Health Care Programs and make the best decision.

If you are in the U.S. as a visitor, waiting for your change in status, or if you are a U.S. citizen transferring overseas, our International Health Insurance will provide you with a PPO coverage in the U.S., as well as protection when you travel.

For your holiday and vacation travel do not leave without a real International Health Insurance, which will allow you to have the same kind of coverage you can get at home or better. We offer emergency transportation and evacuation, hospitalization, etc., worldwide even up to six months after the occurrence of the injury or illness. Check our Patriot Insurance of IMG for coverage away from home on trips, or the Global Insurance for long term international coverage.

While having adequate Health Insurance plays a much needed role in our financial protection and well being, Life Insurance can help you to ensure the future of your growing family, or even put money away towards your retirement, or unseen circumstances, with guaranteed minimum returns. We only represent "A" rated Mutual Companies, which answer to their policy owners, who also receive dividends.

If you want to build up your financial future, ask us about products like annuities, which are another smart way of planning for a comfortable retirement.

Our most important goal is to contribute to your financial success and a more secure future so that you can concentrate on enjoying your life.

Our goals are to:
  1. Provide first class customer service, placing our clients' well being at the center of our business objectives.
  2. Provide quality insurance products and services that suit the needs and budgets for each client.
  3. Help our clients towards meeting their financial success
  4. Assist our clients with the new Health Care Programs to make the best decisions and obtain the best possible coverage
  5. Offer you adequate overseas coverage for Medical Expenses, whether you are transferring o just going on a vacation
  6. Offer Medical Coverage for foreigners in the United States and worldwide

We will never share your information with any one. We will contact you for more information or to answer questions.
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